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Tous les chemins mènent au bien être

L'idée du jour, "Bulle de Zen"   offers you 2 massages for a total disconnection...

Bulle de Zen (Célinie).png
Massages can help your body & your mind to relax, calm down, revitalize...


'Chat Dialog'– This massage encompasses the relaxation of the back, arms, hands and skull. This treatment helps to relieve ailments caused by stress and people who need to let go, it helps to relieve tension in the cervical and lumbar areas but also to oxygenate the body, optimize concentration.. .it relaxes and provides a feeling of well-being afterfingers at the tips of the hair. It also allows you to regain greater muscle flexibility, stimulates blood circulation and improves the quality of sleep... This massage can be given to children and adults alike. It is given with or without Vegetable/Essential Oils*. (*) Excluding women less than 4 months pregnant, people with epilepsy, cancer or allergies.


Adult > Duration of the session 60 min approx.n - 55€

Child (from 6 to 12 years old) > Durationof the session 30 min – 30€ '


Kansu' style Zen feet– This traditional Indian reflexology treatment is based on the principle of Ayurveda. Ayuveda is a philosophy of life close to nature. The massage is given half-manually half-with the Kansu bowl, which is made up of 5 precious metals (zinc, copper, bronze, gold and silver). The three main metals are: Zinc: acts on the intestines; Copper: promotes the absorption of excess heat; Bronze: acts as a catalyst for the other two. The bowl acts on each organ of the body, drains and evacuates toxins, balances the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Ether, Air), which are the fundamental components of the human being according to Ayurveda. With ghee (clarified butter), the kansu bowl balances the Fire element if it is in excess. It will act on the liver, on the digestive system and participate in the elimination of fat. In addition, by acting on the reflex points of the feet, the bowl activates the proper circulation of vital energy throughout the body. This massage can be given to both children and adults.


Adult > Duration of the session approximately 60 min – 50€

Child (from 6 to 12 years old) > Duration of the session 30 min – 25€

These massages will fill you with soft, soothing and well-being sensations...

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